-Hi Dana

Thanks for fixing my clarinet, so far so good. I'd been meaning to get it fixed for such a long time. You did a great job! Best, N.D. 3/1/10

-Terrific job, Andy. Thanks! H.G. 6/21/09

-My daughter has loved getting her flute back and reported everything in fine repair. B.F. 2/9/10

-My flute looks amazing! I could've sworn it was a new instrument. Everything works perfectly, and my tone actually sounds better. Thank you so much for taking care of "my baby." She's working quite nicely, and I'll gladly send you my instrument whenever it's in need of repair. K.R. 7/8/09

-Great customer service. Thank you!! L.F. 5/19/09

-Hi, Dana & Andy

Thank you! My sax feels wonderful and is a pleasure to play. I'll follow your recommendation on the checkup. I have other instruments in need of your attention, so I'll be seeing you soon. Regards, R.F. 5/19/09

-My clarinet seems fine & I especially think you did a great job with the bass clarinet! Thank you for your help. I am happy to know there's a good repair person nearby. G.T. 10/08/08

-Andy was responsible for repairing my daughters saxophone. He was very helpful and very nice. I just asked my daughter how her saxophone has been since the repair and she said it was "awesome" So a very positive experience. Thanks, J.L. 10/09/08

-Your staff was both friendly and professional. The instrument was even done early. I was pleased and will be using you again when needed. Thank you for your time, F.R. 11/02/08

-The repair was for my daughter Abby and she seems thrilled with the improvement! I found your shop wonderful to deal with, very professional, efficient and reasonable.Thanks, A.K. 1/06/09

-The repair was successful. Thank you, S.P. 1/07/09

-I found Frobig after doing a Google search for wind repair. The biggest factor in choosing you to repair my flute was your website - it was very user-friendly, described your services, had obviously been updated recently and included great bios of you and Andy which inspired confidence that you guys would do a great job with my instrument.

And I've been very satisfied ever since! You were really great when I stopped in the shop to talk to you about my flute, did an amazing job on the overhaul and have been wonderfully open to making further adjustments. Your location also happens to be very convenient to my home and office, so that's a plus. Thanks again, K.W. 9/18/08

-I have had excellent experiences with Frobig Wind Repair. Most recently you did beautiful adjustments on my personal trombone that I use for Broadway work. Previously Andy did series of school instrument repairs from my school which has kept the band humming along nicely this year. I plan on using Frobig whenever the need arises in the future (and it is sure to!!). Sincerely, S.F.B 3/07/09

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